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Does Your Child Have OCD?

on December 10, 2019

Children often have some habit, ritual, or worry that parents chalk up to kids being kids. Maybe they line up their toys a certain way. Or they worry about getting sick whenever someone sneezes. Or they can’t fall asleep unless they’re tucked in just so and have recited a specific prayer.

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Is It OK to Tell My Boss About My Mental Health Issues?

on December 03, 2019

Ever come down with the flu, or break a bone on a ski trip? Chances are, you can count on your boss and your coworkers to rally around with sympathetic emails, flowers, or a pot of chicken soup.  What’s more: Your boss wants to help you get better quickly—and get back to the office.

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5 Realities of Schizophrenia You Should Understand

on November 19, 2019

Ever see “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?” The movie paints a picture of despair, in which characters suffering from schizophrenia are confined to a grim, violent, and hopeless life in an institution presided over by the sadistic Nurse Ratched.

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3 Signs of Depression in Men

on November 13, 2019

Maybe you’re wondering why the nice guy in your life has been acting different lately—like a jerk. Maybe he seems irritated and crabby, or he’s having some uncharacteristic outbursts of anger, or he’s drinking way more than usual.

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Genetic Testing Guides a Veteran's Depression Recovery

on November 08, 2019

A soldier carried the weight of his sacrifice—and the scars from childhood trauma.

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Here Are 6 Reasons You Might Be at Risk for PTSD

on October 30, 2019

PTSD isn’t just for soldiers. Trauma can be experienced in everyday life, too.

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Why Sleep Is Important for Your Mental Health

on October 24, 2019

It sounds like the beginning of a corny joke: Sleep, a circadian rhythm, and a mood disorder enter a brain …

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5 Ways to Minimize Mental Health Medication Side Effects

on October 18, 2019

Taking medication for a mental health issue? You’re not alone—more than 80 million Americans have prescriptions for everything from depression and anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder.

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A Parent’s Guide to Finding Good Mental Health Care

on October 09, 2019

Anxious about your son’s anxiety? Sad about your daughter’s depression? If you’re concerned about your child’s mental health, you might be thinking about therapy. If you are, you’re in good company.

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Anxious, Depressed or Bipolar? Genetic Testing Can Help Clarify Your Diagnosis and Care

on October 04, 2019

For years, William had been on a roller coaster ride of conventional mental health treatment to improve his anxiety and depression symptoms.

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